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    Mặc định Chức năng Auto tuning AC servo dòng L7P / L7NH


    - I am using XGT Servo (L7P / L7NH) and want to know how to servo Auto Tuning using Drive CM(L7P/L7NH Setup Program)


    - There are two methods for servo auto tuning.

    1.Online tuning– Online tuning is a method to tune in real time during automatic operation (PTP reverse and repeat operation of host controller or Drive-CM).

    2.Offline tuning– Offline tuning is a method to automatically tune the servo motor in the forward / reverse direction three times automatically while the motor is stopped.

    ▶ Manual tuning may be difficult under the following conditions, and manual tuning is recommended..

    1) If the load change is too severe
    2) Systems with too weak stiffness or severe backlash
    3) If the load is too small (less than 3 times) or too large (more than 20 times)
    4) Acceleration / deceleration is too small and acceleration / deceleration torque is insufficient (rated 10% or less)
    5) When the rotation speed is low (rated 10% or less)
    6) When the friction torque is large

    • When the automatic gain tuning is performed, the inertia ratio is basically estimated, and based on this, the gain of the entire system is automatically changed according to the system rigidity (0x250E) set by the user

    • Parameters changed after tuning are inertia ratio (0x2100), position loop gain 1 (0x2001), velocity loop gain 1 (0x2102), speed integral time constant 1 (0x2103), torque command filter time constant 1 (0x2104) Frequency (0x2507), notch filter 4 frequency (0x250A)


    System Rigidity (0x250E)
    1) The values from 1 to 20 can be set, and the gains (position loop gain 1, speed loop gain 1, speed loop integration time constant 1, torque command filter time constant 1) are determined automatically. The factory setting is 5.
    2) Increasing the system rigidity setting increases the gain and shortens the positioning time. However, if the set value is too high, vibration may occur depending on the machine configuration. Set the system stiffness value from a low value to a high value within a range that does not vibrate.

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